$499 Custom Website Design Honolulu

Honolulu Web Design Web Design

We find out exactly what you want to be able to do with your site and articulate that in to a beautiful, well organized marketing tool that not only helps drive clients to your Honolulu Web Design business but informs them of additional services that they otherwise would have missed.

Honolulu Web Design WordPress

Honolulu Web Design WordPress web design services from an experienced developer. We work to set you apart from your competition by designing modern, eye-catching sites while keeping functionality and ease of use in mind.
Although we specialize in custom built Honolulu Web Design WordPress sites, I can also help you with WordPress theme customization. Have a theme in mind that’s almost the way you want it but need the help of an experienced Honolulu Web Design WordPress developer to get you over the hump? You’ve come to the right place.

Honolulu Web Design Custom Web Designs

You have only a few seconds to make a great first impression or you’ll lose that customer forever. You need a Honolulu Web Design website that’s professional, looks great and radiates credibility.
Our websites are one-of-a-kind creations developed to reflect the unique image of your company. The best SEO in the world means nothing if your website looks terrible and people leave right away.

Honolulu Web Design Responsive Website Layouts

With responsive design, your website changes to fit within the width of the screen so no matter what size screen you have on your desktop, tablet or mobile device, there’s no side to side scrolling.
Text is easier to read and buttons are bigger so navigation is a breeze. In short, it improves the usability of your site and ensures all users will have the best experience possible.

Honolulu Web Design Web Copywriting

The content on your website is crucial for great SEO, which is why our web design includes complete copy writing services. We know Honolulu Web Design business owners have too much on their plate so we have taken the burden of writing text off your plate and put it on ours.
Our writers have years of experience in organizing content and reformatting it for the web.

Honolulu Web Design Easy Website Navigation

Once people land on your website, they need to find things fast and easy. If they get frustrated, they’ll leave and most likely, never come back.
Our goal is for the user to find information in the least number of clicks possible while making it easy to move from page to page. Functionality and good navigation go hand in hand with professional web design.

Honolulu Web Design Blog

Blogs are a wonderful way to add new content to your website, which is why we call them SEO’s best friend. They can be used for many things-answering frequently asked questions, reviewing products or educating your customers.
A blog’s primary purpose is to provide helpful information to customers. Blogs are terrific inbound marketing magnets to attract buyers to your site.

Honolulu Web Design Website Maintenance

Your website needs constant attention in order for it to perform at its best. Updating and adding content is the key to better SEO and increasing web traffic.
Web Exciting recommends one of our monthly website maintenance packages for ongoing growth and upkeep of your website. With the right plan, your website can become an online powerhouse and the envy of your competitors.

Honolulu Web Design Latest Web Standards

Our web development team keeps up-to-date on all the latest standards in the web design industry. Using outdated practices and methods can have a negative effect on the performance of your website and that is not acceptable to us.
For example, browsers update frequently and will stop supporting older practices so a website using these will not work properly.

Honolulu Web Design SEO

Part of the ‘behind the scenes’ technical aspect of your web design is related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This includes having a clear message or piece of information on each page of your website so search bots know what it’s about.
We’re also going to make sure your pages load as quickly as possible and are crawled (indexed) by the search bots as often as possible.

Honolulu Web Design Browser Testing

To ensure all users have a great experience, we test our websites to make sure they work and display correctly in the latest versions of all the major browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome).
Not only do we make sure all elements and links are functioning, we also check that graphics and content display properly so everything looks good.

Honolulu Web Design HTML 5 Design

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, which means nothing to most people though it’s the building block of a website. It’s the language or code used to describe the structure of your website’s content, including the text, images and video.
It works with CSS and JavaScript to tell web browsers how to display your website and create dynamic and/or interactive features.

Honolulu Web Design CSS3 Design

You may not know what CSS (cascading style sheets) is though all you need to know is that it tells the browser (you’re using) how content should be displayed.
We always use the latest version of CSS so your website will function properly for the user while looking great in all the major browsers.

Honolulu Web Design PHP and jQuery Design

Our web developers are well versed in using these tools in combination with HTML5 and CSS3 to build you a more powerful and dynamic website.
Being efficient in the most robust languages is beneficial as it makes our websites perform better for the user as well as the search engines (which is good for your SEO).